Fading Disclaimer


Teall Jewellery Fading Disclaimer

At Teall Jewellery, our dedicated procurement stylists curate a collection of exquisite pieces sourced from around the world to bring you the latest in fashion and trending jewellery. We are committed to offering you the finest selection, ensuring that each piece reflects our values of quality and ethical sourcing. This Fading Disclaimer outlines important information about fading and changes that might occur over time.


  1. Natural Variations:

We want to emphasize that variations in the appearance of our curated jewellery pieces can naturally occur due to the unique nature of the materials used. Factors such as exposure to light, air, moisture, and chemicals can contribute to changes in colour, shine, and overall appearance.


  1. Metal Fading:

Certain metals, including but not limited to silver and gold plating, may experience fading or tarnishing over time due to environmental elements and skin chemistry. Please note that this is a natural process and not indicative of a manufacturing defect.


  1. Plating and Coatings:

Jewellery items that feature plating or coatings might show signs of wear and fading over time. The plating may gradually wear off, revealing the underlying metal. We encourage gentle care and avoiding harsh chemicals to extend the life of the plating.


  1. Gemstone Changes:

Natural gemstones and crystals might undergo changes in colour or clarity due to their exposure to light, chemicals, and environmental factors. While our procurement stylists meticulously source high-quality stones, these variations are inherent to the authenticity of natural materials.


  1. Care and Maintenance:

The longevity of your Teall jewellery is closely tied to proper care and maintenance. We recommend following our care instructions provided with each purchase to minimize the risk of fading. Regular cleaning, avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals, and proper storage are key practices to maintain the appearance of your jewellery. Please refer to our {Teall Caring for Different Types of Jewellery} document.


  1. Ethical Sourcing and Quality Assurance:

Our commitment to sourcing from ethical suppliers ensures that you receive excellent quality jewellery that meets our high standards. Each piece is carefully selected by our procurement stylists to reflect the latest fashion trends and timeless elegance.


  1. Warranty Considerations:

It's important to clarify that our warranty policy addresses manufacturing defects and craftsmanship. Changes in appearance, such as fading or tarnishing, that develop over time due to normal wear and environmental factors are not covered under warranty.


  1. Professional Cleaning:

For intricate pieces or those featuring delicate stones, we recommend periodic professional cleaning and maintenance to safeguard the longevity of your jewellery.


  1. Sensitive Skin Considerations:

We recognize that individuals with sensitive skin may experience varying reactions when wearing jewellery. If you encounter discomfort or skin irritation, we advise discontinuing use and seeking advice from a dermatologist.


  1. Limitations:

Please be aware that while we strive for accurate product representation, differences in computer monitors and mobile devices might affect how our products appear visually.

By choosing and adorning Teall jewellery, you acknowledge and appreciate the inherent risks related to fading and changes that can transpire over time. We encourage you to embrace the individual characteristics of each piece, as they reflect the natural beauty and uniqueness of the materials used.

For further inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our attentive customer support team at [customer support email or phone number]