Teall Caring for Different Types of Jewellery

Teall Caring for Different Types of Jewellery

Taking care of your jewellery ensures its longevity and keeps it looking stunning for years to come. Whether you own sterling silver, gold-plated, stainless steel, or PVD gold-plated jewellery, as well as pieces adorned with stones, crystals, or jewels, here are some universal care tips to follow:

  1. Regular Cleaning:
  • Wipe your jewellery with a soft, clean, and damp cloth after each wear to remove dirt, oils, and sweat.
  • For more thorough cleaning, use mild soapy water and a soft brush. Rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.
  1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals:
  • Keep your jewellery away from harsh chemicals, such as household cleaners, perfumes, and lotions. They can damage the finish and plating and gemstones.
  1. Storage:
  • Store each piece of jewellery separately to prevent scratching and tangling. Consider using soft pouches or lined boxes for storage.
  1. Minimal Moisture:
  • Avoid exposing your jewellery to excessive moisture, as it can lead to tarnishing, damage to plating, and potential harm to gemstones.
  1. Gentle Handling:
  • Handle your jewellery with care to prevent scratching, bending, or dislodging of stones, crystals, or jewels.
  1. Hypoallergenic Considerations:
  • Different types of jewellery may have hypoallergenic properties, but if you experience skin irritation, consult a dermatologist.
  1. Professional Maintenance:
  • For complex or valuable pieces, consider periodic professional cleaning and maintenance, especially for delicate stones and intricate settings.
  1. Avoiding Extreme Conditions:
  • Protect your jewellery from extreme temperatures, strong magnetic fields, heavy impact, and pressure.
  1. Inspection:
  • Periodically inspect your jewellery for signs of wear, discoloration, or damage to gemstones and settings. Address any issues promptly.
  1. Avoid Friction:
  • Be cautious when wearing multiple pieces that could cause friction and lead to wear, especially for jewellery with delicate stones.
  1. No Polishing:
  • Most jewellery types do not require regular polishing. Cleaning and gentle care are usually sufficient.

Remember, each type of jewellery has its own unique care needs:

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy your jewellery collection and preserve its beauty for years to come.

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